Where to Hang Blinds in Deep Windows?

Window blinds are the purest form of window coverings that come in a variety of elements and user-friendly options. Your windows won’t be complete if you don’t hang blinds on it. Selecting the right type of window covering can affect the look of your room immensely.

How you hang blinds on the windows can give the capacity to adjust the light filtering control in your room as per your requirement. That too if you have deep window the first challenge will be to decide where to mount your blinds in it? Is it inside mount or the outside? What are its advantages and disadvantages? While mounting the blinds what amount of window frame depth do you require? Considering all there queries in mind we have discussed the mount types that are best suited for deep windows.

Where to Hang Blinds in deep window

Inside Mount: Inside mounted blinds will give you the cleanest look since they fit inside the window frame and can be mounted as much as you need. With windows that have a big sill, you will have the capacity to mount the blinds inside but still maintaining the functionality. Privacy and warmth conservation should be considered while picking inside mounted blinds.

  1. If looks are your major concern, then choosing inside mounting is the best choice. Inside mounted blinds enable you to look your window to smooth and have the less visual effect on the room.
  2. If you don’t get along too well with installation guides and measuring tapes, then inside mount should be your choice. The measurement process of inside mount is very easy. You can easily measure the height and width of your window frame and get the correct dimensions. After that, you can easily install them following the instructions.
  3. For deep windows, the window treatment can be installed to allow plants or other items to be placed in front of the window treatment whether the blinds are closed or extended.

But there are some disadvantages also of having inside mount blinds. For example, they will obstruct some view and light when fully opened. And because of the small light gap on each side of window treatment, it affects window treatments ability to obscure a room.


Outside Mount: For maximum privacy, mount the blinds outside of the window outline. Light bleed around the blinds is diminished with the additional width and length. There are loads of advantages of outside mount as well.
This type of mount covers your window trim and extends the actual window above and below or side to side or for both. Outside mounted blinds give the flexibility of picking any sort of window.If your windows are smaller in size then but you love the look of the big windows, then outside blinds can create the appearance of larger windows .

Installation Procedure

Rather than spending a great a lot of money to get somebody to install your blinds for you, why not do it yourself without any help? The procedure is not that difficult as it may sound. To install the blinds you can follow the below steps.

    1. Measuring Windows: All you have to do this to measure the dimensions of your window outlines utilizing a measuring tape. You can either mount your blinds inside or outside of the casing. Hanging the blinds outside means your window look bigger but when you hang your blinds inside, your window looks slimmer.When you need to mount your blinds outside, measure along the outside edges of the casing that surrounds the window. Measure the correct length from the highest point of the casing to the base of the casing.And for inside mounting, put the measuring tape inside the packaging where the glass of the window meets. Measure the width of the window at the top, middle, and bottom.
    2. Purchasing Blinds:After measuring the window outline, you can pick your blinds which best suits to your room. There are various sorts of blinds to choose from. Like – Aluminum blinds, Vinyl Blinds, Wood Blinds, Faux wood blinds, and so on.
    3. Mark The Mounting:For an outside mount, hold the blinds up so that the headrail is focused and leveled with your window’s packaging. Make a pencil mark below the head rail on each side of the casing. For inside mounting place the headrail inside the packaging. Then mark the place with a pencil.
    4. Attaching Brackets:For outside mount, the brackets should be placed on the face of the window outline on the two sides of the window. And for inside mount, the brackets should be put up against the inside top corner of each side window. Drill the holes and attach the brackets with the screws.
    5. Installing Headrail and Valance :Valance clips are used to attach the headrail to the valance. After drilling the brackets into place, insert the headrail into the brackets. Then place the valance alongside the headrail in the position.

When it comes to how they should hang blinds, people find extremely hard to pick between inside mount or outside mount for many homeowners. Particularly if they are accustomed to seeing their window medicines installed in a specific way previously.

But it’s important to know the advantages and disadvantages before making a final decision, as certain homes, rooms, and windows may support inside mounts, while others may support outside mounts. At the point when your window outline looks ugly, most of the people prefer an inside mount where ever possible as it provides the cleanest, stylish look to your window.

Window blinds are the purest form of window covers that comes with a variety of elements that are very user-friendly. Your windows won’t be completed if you don’t hang blinds on it. They are immaculate for a wide range of windows as they give protection, block out the undesirable daylight, obscure a room, and help you to decor your room. We can call them as perfect window medications with lots of advantages. So relying upon your decision and taste, Indigo Blinds has built a vast collection of blinds with different hues, textures, and patterns.

If you are facing any problem or need help regarding the installation of the blinds for your deep window, Indigo Blinds designer experts are always ready to assist you. 


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