Trend Guide

Keep up with the latest fashion-forward trends with these helpful guides.

Inspired by clear skies & deep seas

Be Serene

From deep ocean blue to bright, Caribbean aqua, shades of blue bring a refreshing energy to every space. 

Inspired by the elegantly balanced

Be Timeless

The cornerstones of formal wear, nothing says sophistication quite like black and white. 

Inspired by the bold & bright

Be Vibrant

Bright, vibrant colours bring a sense of playfulness, cheer, and warmth to your home. 

Inspired by weekend retreats

Be Peaceful

When day-to-day life feels too hectic, there’s nothing better than a relaxing retreat to soothe and rejuvenate body and soul.

Inspired by artful craftsmanship

Be Natural

Celebrate fine craftsmanship and the simple beauty of days gone by with the distinctive woods, reeds, and patterns found in nature.