Commercial Projects

Our design experts here at Indigo Blinds are exactly that: experts. From residential to commercial projects, they are here to help you get your project finished. Our experts have full knowledge of the entire commercial building process and can help you finish your job before the deadline and within your budget.

At every stage in a commercial building project, we’re here to be your window covering partner and guide. Get in touch with one of our experts in your area today to get your project completed as quickly as possible!

We're here to support and partner with everyone in the commercial building process


Our experts can help you get your customers the exact window coverings they need for any commercial project. 

Architects & Designers

Our team can customize our products quickly and match any of your designs or aesthetic.

General Contractors

Finish your project on time and on budget. We’re here to make sure your job is completed to perfection. 


We’ll install exactly what you’re looking for, meeting all of the job requirements and deadlines. 

Window Treatments

Everything you will need to turn your windows or doors into something more.